Every emotion produces a vibration, everything that produces a vibration emits a sound. From research and study, from sensitivity, and finally from manual skill, a translation of the emotion felt transpires, as an high fashion dress comes to light  from a designer, a painting from a painter, an haute cuisine dish from a chef, a shot from a photographer…

Hence, sound is indwelling in every creative process. Capturing this sound expand and louden the meaning conveyed by the artist and allow the spectator to be more involved. Thus, after having learnt about the history of each dish, witnessed its preparation, tasted the final product, Evo Ristorante’s music album was created. This music was born from the combination of taste, touch, sight and smell of the marvellous menu conceived by Chef Gianvito Matarrese.

The entire album accompanies diners along their entire flavour journey. The music was composed using the 432 Hz golden frequency in order to create a thorough synergy among every sense, and between the client-spectator and the tasting experience.


In Evo Restaurant, every dish has its personal musical signature. An harmonical and rhythmical metamorphosis accompanies the ever-changing menu and evolves as to create a new tailored suit from time to time.

This is exactly how food can involve the only sense that has not been possible to put on a table until now.


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Beef Tartare, Dill and Mascarpone

The unexpected contrast among the redness of a beef tartare and the fresh flavour of a light dish. This divergence produces an initially sweet and accommodating music, which slowly evolves in uncertainty and then resolves on the ultimate cadence of the theme, emphasising the message of love with whom the dish is completed.



Egg, Brie and Parsley

The ethereal strings evoke a truffle whose smell emerges as the dish arrives, only to be found again at the end of the tasting when the ‘scarpetta’ is a must. The theme performed by the Flugelhorn in a context apparently not congenial to it in terms of rhythm and sonority, represents the use of Brie in achieving a unique and unexpected final result. There is also a reference to the way in which the egg is cooked, made possible by the beat frequency in the background: the frequency used is 270 Hz as 270 is the result of the multiplication between the 60 Celsius degrees of the cooking temperature and the 45 minutes of baking time.


Buffalo Raviolo, Black Sauce, Capers and Bread, Caramel-lacquered Scallop

This is a play of spaces occupied by various ingredients. The main theme performed by the bassoon is fragmented and placed in the background, this reminds to the scallop that is not immediately visible but whose flavour is indispensable to the final result. The delicacy that characterizes the dish is represented by the atmosphere on the horizon which, after the excitement evoked by the discovery of the scallop, peaks to the commotion and pathos aroused by the message of peace, love and hope conveyed by the entire experience.



The Cartellata that was meant to be a first course, Ricotta, Olives and Tomato

This is a pure and conceptual interpretation of the dish. The title of the dish itself embodies a crucial point of the restaurant’s culinary philosophy: Evolution. The transformation of the most iconic Apulian desserts into a first course becomes a metaphor for a real initiatory journey. After having lived childhood and early adolescence in the Motherland, the individual grows, walks to new events and realities until the call of his inner voice leads him to re-discover himself and his own roots. A new beginning set up, the journey commences again with an open free and aware mind and a heart full of life like that of a child.


Giannotta’s blood orange honey-glazed pork “Bombette” with coffee and tomato

The bond among the visual perception of the dish, which reminds a surrealist painting, and the quality of the three main ingredients (caramelised corn, “bombette” and tomato-and-coffee mayonnaise) creates a new taste as they blend together maintaining their own identity. A sound multiverse is connected to this second course, in which different environments coexist and generate a their own music: a journey through space and time typical of a dreamlike dimension, enlightened by the drops of water which are vectors of energy par excellence.



The sensation of flying linked to the tiramisu cream together with the surprise effect produced by the rum hidden in the baba, merge into an unique pleasure, conveyed by the different consistency of the biscuits. Hence, the sonority reproduces this blending experience: the brass rhythm and the marimba theme, just initially in apparent dissonance, merge creating a single harmony with the entrance of the strings.